Tips for Selling Gold in San Diego

If you are looking for the best place to sell gold in Chula Vista or San Diego consider the following tips:


  1. HOW PURE IS YOUR GOLD? – Know how pure your gold is. Gold is measured in Karats. 24 Karat gold is pure gold. So if you have 14 karat gold, your gold jewelry has 58% gold in it by weight. So if a ring weighs 10 grams and it is 14 karat gold, you should have 5.8 grams of pure gold in there. Your local gold buyers in San Diego will adjust the price offered based on how much gold you have in your jewelry.
  2. HOW GOLD IS TESTED FOR PURITY – San Diego gold buyers will perform tests to determine how pure your gold is. These usually are done by using acids. Your jewelry or gold is rubbed on a special stone (testing stone) where it will leave a signature. San Diego gold buyers then place a drop of 10 karat gold acid on the signature. If the signature disappears, then the gold is not gold or less than 10 karat gold. If the signature is still there, then they will put on a stronger acid, in this case 14 karat acid next. If the signature does not dissolve, then your gold is at least 14 karat gold. This testing procedure is continued on with 18 karat (or 18k acid) and then 22k. If the signature disappears at 18k then the gold is most probably 14k gold. This is usually verified by the stamping on your jewelry piece. If it is stamped 14k, then it will not be 18 karat since the manufacturer is stating it is 14 karat gold.
  3. STAMPS HELP DETERMINE PURITY BUT ARE NOT ALWAYS CORRECT – Just because jewelry is stamped a certain karat it does not mean that stamp is accurate. While many manufacturers and jewelers are honest, there are some that put incorrect stamping on jewelry to make more money. For example, a jewelry piece stamped 14k gold can end up being not gold at all or less than 14 karat depending on who made it. Also, when you resize a ring or do custom work to your jewelry, your jeweler or jewelry repair person is required to use gold if you are going up in size with your ring. If they don’t use gold and use some other metal instead, your ring will weigh more, but the karat weight of the gold goes down as non-gold items were used in increasing its size and therefore increasing its weight.
  4. BE CAREFUL WITH UNSCRUPULOUS JEWELERS SWITCHING YOUR JEWELRY -It is always a good idea to have a jewelry you trust do the job or cleaning, servicing or resizing your rings and jewelry. We have heard stories about people leaving their diamond ring to be cleaned and months later they found out the diamond was switched with cubic zirconia. Although it is good to be nice and polite to everyone, you need to make sure when it comes to your jewelry you are vigilant. Best bet is not to let your jewelry out of your sight even if you trust your jeweler. That is because while he may be honest, his employees may not be and he may not know about it.
    OTHER TESTING METHODS – Some San Diego gold buyers also have electronic machines that can determine your gold’s purity. These can be accurate or inaccurate depending on the machine and how it is calibrated. Some also have X-Ray guns that can determine the purity of your gold. BUT BE CAREFUL, if your jewelry is dirty or has any kind of soil on it, it can read below the actual karat purity that it is. So make sure whoever is testing your gold cleans it properly and does not have anything sticky that can hinder the correct readings, resulting in less money for your gold. Make sure you work with an honest gold buyer in San Diego. Having said that, it fairness to your San Diego gold buyer, a lot of times gold stamped 14 karat ends up being 13 or even lower karats so your San Diego cash for gold place needs to make sure the karat readings are accurate or they can be losing money for inaccurate readings of your jewelry.

    Once the purity of your gold is determined, the gold is weighed and a cash quote is provided from your San Diego gold buyers. If you accept the offer you would need your ID to finalized the transaction, so make sure you have a state or federal photo ID with you.

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